Our Approach

Our focus is on modern, streamlined software development, flexibility and a professional approach.

How we work with you

We're flexible. The methodology and approach we adopt in any given project depends on what you, the customer, need to make that project a success. We believe in engaging with you, communicating clearly and working with you every step of the way to ensure you get the software you need.

When we start a project, we negotiate with you and figure out how the project should be run: we'll discuss documentation, testing, release schedule, warranties and support. From that discussion, we'll come up with something that works for both of us.

Whatever we decide, our dedicated in-house project management and testing teams will be involved. We take our software quality and uptime very seriously, and we consider ourselves rigorous professionals.


1-3 years
3-5 years
5+ years
Rational Unified Process
Documentation-First Agile
Classic Waterfall

Testing & Tooling

Clearfield employs an in-house Test team, with some of the most detail-oriented people you could hope to meet. In addition to our developers using automated testing and test-driven development, our formal Test team will step up to ensure you receive a quality product. Testing at Clearfield is very structured, with test plans and exit reports being generated as a matter of course.

Naturally, Clearfield tracks bugs and changes using an online tool, most often Jira. You will get access to this tool, so you can report any issues that may arise.

Our software build pipeline is automated, typically with a Continuous Integration tool like Jenkins. All source code is checked into a version control system, typically git, and backed up daily.

Delivery and Warranties

Delivery schedules will be agreed upon at project commencement. We'll work with you and decide what milestones fit your needs, and/or will allow for the best integration for your existing systems.

We warranty our work against defects, usually for 90 days.

Rates and Estimates

For our rates, or to request an estimate, please contact us.

We're ready to help you with your next project. Please get in touch.