Java Server-Side Development

Java, packaged for any environment.

Server-side Java is the engine of many of our successful projects. We've been coding in Java since version 1.0, and we've continuously worked with it during its evolution. As a result, we have experience with several Java Enterprise Edition containers, web containers, frameworks and deployment models:

Java may be built do be deployed to run standalone, or deployed to a high-quality enterprise container in order to run. We have experience in both.

There are several approaches to Enterprise Java that we are fluent in:


Currently, most new Java development uses lightweight, microservice based back ends. Rather than a huge, monolothic application, a microservice does one thing, and does it in a streamlined, specialised manner. Microservices are good fit for a modern software stack and can be deployed easily in a variety of configurations.

1-3 years
3-5 years
5+ years

Possibly the most popular of all the Java frameworks today, Spring provides a host of Java business services that are pre-built and proven. Spring includes a host of incredibly useful pieces: Security, Integration, Scheduling, Database abstraction and a very powerful Web framework. We've used Spring for many years, and are now using Spring Boot, a recent, streamlined incarnation.

Lightweight containers:

Microservices may be deployed into several web containers:


Our deployments can be manual, automated or dockerised - whatever suits your environment.

Java Enterprise Edition

We're experts in Java Enterprise Edition (JEE, previously J2EE). JEE applications are deployed to large, very capable, heavyweight containers in order to run. We have a lot of deployed JEE code.

We're specialists in IBM WebSphere and have experience in a range of other containers.

1-3 years
3-5 years
5+ years
IBM WebSphere App ServerIBM WebSphere App Server

We have a range of different solutions deployed to IBM Websphere, and are very familiar with it's quirks. In addition, we have built up a thorough working knowledge of IBM DB2, and are competent in administering it.


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