Front End Development

Web-based, native or mobile front ends.

To go with a powerful back end, we provide a correspondingly clean, effective and friendly user experience. Front ends come in different flavours, with web-based front ends being dominant, but with our mobile apps and native desktop apps also being popular.

Javascript/Web Based

We can leverage the UX expertise of our web team to make our user interfaces modern, stylish, easy to use and mobile-friendly.

Javascript Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)

1-3 years
3-5 years
5+ years

In addition to modern Javascript, we're heavy users of many common libraries (JQuery, JQueryUI, Modernizr et al) and Transpilers (Kotlin, CoffeeScript, Typescript et al)

Server-side Javascript
Single-page Rich Frameworks
Angular JSAngular JS
Google Web ToolkitGoogle Web Toolkit
MVC Frameworks
Spring MVCSpring MVC

Desktop Applications

If a web interface is not a good fit, we deliver application-based front ends:

  • Java based (Swing, JavaFX)
  • Native applications:
    • Windows
    • macOS
    • Linux

Mobile Apps

We work on the two predominant mobile platforms:

1-3 years
3-5 years
5+ years

In addition, we also work on older PDA platforms:

Windows CEWindows CE

We always develop our application using native code, which gives us top performance on all phones. If applicable, our applications can work in both online and offline modes.


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