Professional software services for the Enterprise. Java specialists.

Bespoke, modern business Software Development

Clearfield specialises in business software, often on large projects. In our long history, we've designed, architected, developed and managed software solutions for both the public and private sector.

We've designed and written technically challenging server side and client side solutions - assembling many industry standard tools into a coherent whole, or custom-building components from the ground up.

We're a full-stack, full-spectrum software house. Our team handles the whole project lifecycle:

Our focus is on modern, streamlined software development, flexibility and a professional approach.

We are Java Specialists

Clearfield works with Java and within its ecosystem.

Enterprise-grade Java is our primary focus, and we've been working on all things Java. Recently, it's been the cutting-edge: microservices, NoSQL and REST. However, we have a long history - we're also responsible for a lot of "classical" Java, running within tried-and-true J2EE containers, talking to large relational databases.

1 Our Approach

Our philosphy. How we manage our projects.


2 Back End Java

The engine room - server-side Java. Standalone, running as microservices or in JEE Containers.


3 Front End Development

The User Experience. Web based, desktop based or mobile.


4 Databases

Database experience and administration expertise. SQL and NoSQL.


5 Legacy

Keeping the COBOL humming.


6 Programming Languages

It's not all Java! Here are the languages we're fluent in.


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